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Sunday, January 21, 2007

A tale of two states...

The last time we saw our pal Petey in action, this is what happened...

That's right; wishful thinking was voiced, daringly expressed even, by a wet-behind-the-ears itty-bitty pukester...

Then his dream finally came true... For a brief split-second of waldrobe malfunction bliss, it surely did, yup!
The evidence is there, is it not?
(Great publicity stunt, Tamara B!)

And then... It all came to a crushing and very abrupt halt (a.k.a. a rude awakening...!)

The morale of this story is simple: be VERY careful what you wish for. You just might get it, sure... Right between the eyes, that is!
And, just like that, bliss turned into bruises!
Owtch! :(

Your conclusion, Petey? What have you learned here, on this day that was, ironically, both rewarding and quite testing too...? ANY last words...?

Indeed not!
THEY beat YOU!


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