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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rasslin Renaissance! Woot - Woot

After the WCW, ECW, ICW, XCW, APW, UFW, GEW, DEW, FEW, SXW, XQW, CPW, R2W, WXW, WCCW, XTCW, MACW, FTCW, XXXW and all the others (too many to list - way too many, yeah!)

Behold the rise (and inevitable fall, surely) of the

F.T.W. ~
the Federation

of Tri-Style

The three styles promoted within this multi-talented federation are:
1- Lucha Libre
2- "ole style rasslin" and
3- jobbing!

We have got, therefore, here, in FTW, the best luchadores, the best brawlers-bruisers-buffoons AND the best jobbers/losers in the business TODAY!
Like... whooooooooooo?
I, uh, haven't got any names for you at press... ah... blogging time, really; BUT rest assured that, once you see them, they will knock your socks off AND your teeth down your throat (if you ask for your money back, that is!)

And just for the HECK of it, here's a preview of the tri-style of action you'll get to see, day in and day out, in our FED of Tri-style Wrestling!



Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

Aye, those labels/tags left on this post are supposed to be parodying, spoofing and sending-up the rambuctious, crazed and out-of-their-minds crowds that chant "ECW-ECW-ECW" ad nauseam - usually in Philly!

I encourage most everyone to go "F.T.W.-F.T.W.-F.T.W.-F.T.W.-F.T.W.-F.T.W." for a while...


5:05 PM  
Blogger Luminous (\ô/) Luciano ™ said...

And, before good ol' BLACKJACK MULLIGAN, that good ole boy and hooligan, takes it all down from his site, I shall copy and post here his rant/recollection/reminiscence about his dear ol' CRAZY COUSIN LUKE from the M.A.C.W. (don't ask for the meaning of THAT acronym now; or rather, don't ask me - ask BlackJack!)

Once you read it -straight as it appeared in his "mailbag #3" edition- you shall understand why I was so keen on having my readers take note of it as well...!


When you were turned fan favorite in MACW and you had the bounty on your head, a 'cousin' was introduced - 'Crazy' Luke Mulligan. I remember you having a tag match with him in Florence, SC against Masked Superstar and 'The Enforcer' Luciano. That match was the thing that comedy is all about - both telling a story and having the fans laughing so hard they were almost passing out from laughing. Crazy Luke turned the Superstar's mask around so Superstar couldn't see, and you and Crazy Luke were hitting Superstar and he was bouncing around the ring like a pinball. Then Crazy Luke came out of the ring and ate popcorn with a fan during the match. You came out to ringside and made the comment 'I'm having way too much fun here!”

Who came up with the 'Crazy' Luke Mulligan angle and character, and was the comedy aspect intentional?

- Ralph Snart

Fort Collins, CO

I had a real cousin who wasn’t all there. Couldn't use him, so we used the next best thing. Cousin Luke was Tim Brooks, who was also Dick Murdoch’s cousin, and Tim’s father was Farmer Jones! This never ends, does it?

- Thanks. BJM

5:10 PM  

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