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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nobody Talks As Much As...

Me!  Me... and Kanye!
Just ask Kim...

But really now - I don't know what surprises the most in the collection of clips offered up above (that is, if they still are being offered at all, by Yahoos {what, you thought it was me who made up this inane montage?} by the time you've reached this blog and read these lines...!) really... 

Who's the most loquacious here: certainly isn't Jimmy Kimmel, for once, on what is HIS SHOW, to boot (poor Jimmy! He can't even place a word in there...!)

Is it really Kanye West, though?  Kanye is just busy being Kanye here: nothing out of the ordinary if you've listened to his stuff before - or caught up with him on the street (them savage streets of Chicago!) and he mistook you for a paparazzo...!

So, is it really and truly Yahoo Michael Callahan then; he who intercuts the footage from Kimmel's show with his snarky remarks, that is being the most loquacious here - all cozy and safe as he is uttering his crap as far away from the Wrath of Kanye as he can be...?

Callahan's speech patterns and hairstyle (mostly the latter) invokes, to us who are exposed to many cultures, many creeds and many languages, right here on North American soil, memories of another mostly cheesy-humor expert... Hear and compare - YouTube willing ONCE AGAIN... (This time; the hair is almost the same, too...!)

Funny, though - from what we saw on there -in the previous video that is, just to veer back to our main subject, top dog, messenger-not-just-rapper, creative genius and more- Kanye did not address the rude comments Barack made about him...

Barack Obama himself, the Prez, one that Kanye even supported, in an uncharacteristic show of civility and unity with other artists and humankind overall, Barack did slip out and called Kanye ''a jackass' or something - the exact same thing that he let slip out regarding Vladimir Putin most recently, incidentally...

I guess that makes Barack Obama quite the loquacious one as well, eh?
But not like Kanye: no one's quite like Kanye...

Some meme of ''Sad Kanye'' we just found on the net - 
made by someone! 
Any idea who? Hmm? Anyone?

Indeed, there's nobody like Kanye...

And no real TV host or anchorperson is quite like Mike Callahan there, either - not even on spoofs. But then again, Yahoo is not your regular television experience; or time-waster, either. And that goes a hundred-fold too - for YouTube.

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