the loquacious blog: August 2011

Monday, August 08, 2011

Wrestling Is Faker Than Fake...?

So, you think matches pitting the likes of Luminous Luciano, Lufisto, Triple B, Triple Y, Quadruple P, T.B.T. and Merino *Pi* Mantle all pitted up against each other, inside of cages laced (lest they're merely decorated) with barbed wire and such, are impossibly odd, borderline sicko and just plain weird?

Well... Think AGAIN!

Nooooo, there is nothing all that outlandish or otherworldly about me wrestling a woman, the Yeti grappling with assorted critters from myth, legend and... er, cartoons. There is nothing "odd" per say with animé differences getting settled in a squared-circle, folksies...!

And rework your thinking ASAP while you watch this considerably WEIRDER stuff:

For those of you who would prefer to witness their old super-heroes playing by the rules of the squared-circled ring circus, you can try something like this.

And if you still think all that is profoundly and incurably ridiculous - watch this and you will feel lucky you got that brand of ridiculous combat, here today, instead!

And just to think that all this came before any Monster Brawl was even discussed as a remote possibility...!



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