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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cherry Blossom Girl - And Friends (they melt in your hand, not in your mouth)

So take them by the hand and just SHOUT - like the Beatles used to do?
Or rather AIR does...!
Air - the band! They did the soundtrack for some Sofia Coppola flick? Doesn't ring a bell? Well, they are the authors of this hauntingly beautiful anthem to wayward youth, "Cherry Blossom Girl" (hopefully playing right now - if the videocode still works, that is - doh!)

Listen to it first, before reading on...

Now, I simply cannot listen to a song repeatedly without beginning to change the lyrics in my head and lampooning it, just a bit...

There is logic to this madness too!
Think about it: if Barbie has all of her friends, each a distinct token ethnic group representative -and the same goes for any other hip chick of this type; they are chicks that demand a clique surrounding them, like a brat needs his posse- so, why not build one around this "Cherry Blossom Girl" too, huh?
With CBG's Clique though, we definitely have more than mere token representation - we have all the "flavours du jour" and, hence, all the commercial potential in the world here!

Imagine the scene: the band sings their tune inside of some cornerstore of fortune where Cherry Blossom Girl and the gang usually hang out... In comes CBG, who purchases her favorite guilty pleasure and swallows it whole on the spot! And then - a succession of CBG's friends -her clique with a sugar tooth, I tell ya- follows her lead and each clique member has a distinct taste all her own (for they must, to maximize the advertizing time that a 3 or 4-minute song can possibly allow here...!)

Insert all of the following into the song, instead of repeating endlessly (and inanely) "Cherry Blossom Girl"...!

... here's a Kit Kat Chick (twice! That goes for all of them!)
... Caramilk Maiden
... M & M's Mistress
... she's a Reese Woman
... an Hershey's Lady
... Dairy Milk Damsel
... Musketeers Madam
... Oh Henry Harlot
... Aero Bimbo
... Coffee Crisp Trollop
... and here's a Smarties Tease
... ohh - Galaxy Gal
... Bananinha Ho
... wow - Wispa Widow!
... now here's a Snickers Slut!
... Caramel Walker (... Wafer!)
... here's Lowrey's Lesbo!
... Ferrero Bitch - yo!

WOW - think about it! You can even DOUBLE your impact with these JOINT PURCHASES made by chickies with an attitude - and pocket money to spare too!
... Wunderbar WonderBra
... she's an ExLax Lass!
... and here's a Twix Tampax!

Imagine the impact a video and hit song like this would have on SALES!
None of these cheap candy makers OR any other manufacturer would say no to this type of POP - I tell ya!

No need to thank me, mercantile ones!

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