the loquacious blog: May 2007

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shades of the Devilish Pizza From Outer Space of my youth...!!!

Well, what can I say...
That stuff about the "snowball effect"
and the "domino effect", both,
must aaaaaaaaaaall be true!!!

Look at the video below:

Then watch this one right here:

One video
triggered the other's
very existence!

The idea that stemmed from the,
ah, "luminous equation" of
"pizza = sloth + gluttony"
(and, therefore, with 2 out of 7
Deadly Sins so "encrusted" into it,
surely pizza is from the devil indeed...
All the more reason not to eat the crust!
Unless it is found to be stuffed with CHEESE!
Cheese, please! :)
But that is another story...)
That whole theory
came right out of my old home-made
luminous comic-books
In them, I had my star characters
(always at odds with weirdos)
suddenly have an old foe
order some
and have it delivered to them!
Copyright Little Luminous Luciano circa 1979!

And, just to show you all how good an artist I already was,
see my rendition of two Men In Black right above those two devilish panels on a second partial scan (luminous secret how I do them! Heh-heh!)
Copyright Little Luminous Luciano circa 1979!

Granted, EXHIBIT B only demonstrates one thing really:
that Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith
didn't invent anything either!
(FYI - there have been sightings of MIB since the 1930s if not earlier...
Were they all really just FBI, CIA or, worse case scenario, either KGB or IRS...?!?
Who cares now - it is not relevant to this case!)

These guys (above) have therefore
generated a potential libel case
one including identity theft
intellectual property theft
and even copyright infringement now
stemming from this latest bit
(how did they gain access to my
old treasures and earliest
writing/creative ventures,
preciously kept in my luminous vault,
I wonder?
Truly, the intellectual property
theft is undeniable here -
and swift action is required now!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More rasslin backstage chatting...

Copyright ©2007 LUCIANO A. PIMENTEL

Well, I figured that since the ostentatious DAIRY QUEEN has given her blessing to a campaign that has her jack-of-spades and jack-of-hearts clamoring that they are "ready to be scooped up" while begging the ice (s)cream gal to please "fill (their) waffle bowl with love" (!) - so could I, King of the loquacious style of humor in these parts, indulge this form of humor with my "RASSLERS" here...! (But, for the record, I renounce any claim whatsoever for the capture of the crown of cheesy!)

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