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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pooch Power!

I never cared much for Scooby-Doo-Doo-Bee-Doo - most probably because his genesis came from ol' blue eyes' song and spontaneous improvised hummed melody...!
I'd take the stoic and taciturn Snoopy a thousand times a day over Scooby Doo - but even the Peanuts' stalwart is not quite my cup-of-tea as far as gutsy canine characters go... Don't give me any Lassie, Benji, Hambone, RinTinTin or Frankenweenie either! Even Spuds McKenzie never did it for me - the fact is, they're all way too mundane for my taste, all these poopers... (Therefore, there never was, not even the slightest chance, that I might buy beer thanks to Spuds - never! But I am digressing here...)

And, of course, Odie is pathetic!

Even the likes of Muttley (of Dastardly & Muttley fame...?) and Dyno-Mutt failed to fully capture my imagination - and since we're on the subject of Hanna-Barbera doggies, don't even get me started on Auggie Doggie and his daddy or the spineless sidekick to Touché The Turtle...! Strangely, these only evoke painful memories of Droopy Dog - and that is even worse than Odie! Truly, only GOOFY could be worse! (I did say Goofy and not Pluto - okay? Leave Pluto alone! *lol*)

The all-canine version of the Three Musketeers -seen above- were promising - for all of ten seconds, that is! Which was a hundred times more disappointing for little luminous me, age 10 or so, as I can recall... And speaking of a hundred, 101 Dalmatians, toony or live action, will always SUCK! Next best thing to do is have a remake that amalgamates 101 Dalmatians with 300 Spartans - if you get my drift! Hopefully lots of felines will die too, of course. But I am digressing again...!

Verily, with all these poor turn-outs, there was but one thing to do: create my own brand of awesome man's best friends!

Et les voici, and here they are...!

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