the loquacious blog: September 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

If Only Everybody Got Along Like This...!

Bizarre Animal Friendships
Bizarre Animal Friendships

Most impressive,
as far as *I* am concerned,
are the elephant and the sheep
(I guess the lion's not ready yet -
as in "the lion and the lamb" - eh)
and, if the lion's not ready,
the tiger proves that he sure is ready
as he pals around with the dog -
a German Shepherd, no less!

Let's all make a collective



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Saturday, September 05, 2009


Because sometimes words are superfluous...?

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Fitting Theme Song - At Long Last!

You can rely on Seether - or stick to Seether! *lol*
But this tune sure fits the bill, on two fronts:
as either a theme song for a P-P-V
(or "pay-per-glance" as the running joke goes)
of our own Whoo-Oh.W. brand
AND it could serve as ongoing theme
for every typical, archetypical, archaic
or plain stereotypical
"rasslin" fan
who gets pestered on and on about it
by the girlfriend...!
You know the type -
they'd be perfectly cast as
ice queens on any soap opera,
witches with a b on any sitcom,
so-called divas on the WWE
knockouts over at TNA
or our very own Grrrrrrls (TM) in the Whoo-Oh.W!
AND they're soon going to be single
and sing about it - this way:

Put a LID on it, B... eyoncé!

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