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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

He's ''Hyper Vocal'' Alright!

Hip-Hop artist Lupe Fiasco keeps stirring the pot and getting some form of feedback or outright flack for it - guess he is getting what he had coming, hmm?  And one could also surmise that when he chose that stage name of his, he was creating circumstances favorable for these sort of revolting developments, too - but that's another story. Lupe is so damn close to Luce (pronounced ''Lutch'' though, unlike the former which would and should really turn the 'u' into a double 'o' and be pronounced ''Loopey'' - am I right, am I right?!? Hey - just like that crazy time traveling film that hit theaters most recently; Looper!  Coincidence? I'd rather think NOT! But... We don't do that anymore; that's our old schtick - the tired, repetitive good ol' Mister Coincidence gimmick! No, no more of that now; we're strictly being loquacious here, sometimes comically (and purposefully - don't ever doubt that! DUH.) ridiculous and just plain luminous all the rest of the time! Capisce? Good; sidetracking over!) so then... we just feel obliged to stand by Lupe, L.F., Mr. Fiasco - no matter which way you choose to call him - or how he chooses to go by, on any given day! After all, the man is speaking the TRUTH... 

And although the cool qualifier of ''Hyper Vocal'' could apply to both of us (no, not just him!)  and quite well at that, in fact, it is the trademark and official collective name of an organization that initiated this concert the other night; for they do that sort of thing, see?  The concert was really in celebration of the re-election of Barack Obama, whom many see as an evil, despotic, arrogant deceiver - hell, they'd call him the antichrist himself doubling as a Reptillian impostor too (look for that last theory on YouTube, if you have time to waste - hilarious fare, I tell you; almost as much as mine!) etc, etc, etc...   

So then, you may ask why did they book Lupe on this (as the purported-to-be headliner, no less, to boot) when they knew Lupe's opinion about B.O. is, though not as, hmm, colourful as those others, quite certainly just as bad...?  Mystery. All that we know is that they did book him (what, instead, of Jay Z or Beyoncé again or any other outspoken supporter of B.O.'s? It truly makes no sense.) 

So, ''Hyper Vocal'' there made a booboo - and what could be expected to happen happened: Lupe Fiasco sang his anti-war single ''Words I Never Said'' FOR OVER 30 MINUTES - a song which includes very distinctive anti-Obama lyrics - and, finally, Hyper Vocal and the other organizers of this event decided to dispatch their enforcers to tell Lupe to leave the stage. Afterwards, they swore it wasn't because of the anti-Obama stuff, at all:

Hypervocal, which co-founded the StartUp RockOn concert event, denied that Lupe was asked to leave for his anti-Obama rant. "This was not about his opinions," said the organization in a statement. "Instead, after a bizarrely repetitive, jarring performance that left the crowd vocally dissatisfied, organizers decided to move on to the next act." HA. They were as "vocally dissatisfied" as you are allegedly hyper, Vocal? HA!!!

"This is not the first time Lupe has spoken out against the president. In an interview from 2011, he called Obama a terrorist. "In my fight against terrorism, to me, the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States of America," he said." AND HE'S GOT A VALID POINT THERE...! But knowing this, why would ""Hyper Vocal'' there create a situation where he could damn well predict would turn sour real quick there...?!?  It makes no sense!!!


You really shouldn't have...  
It wasn't fair to Luminous Lupe here! 
It set him up for a real Fiasco alright... 
Shame on you, Hyper! 
And *your* vocalizations... 
But let's have a look now:


OKaaaaaaaay... let's have a listen, rather...

It doesn't pay to be loquacious, outspoken, even if one tells the truth - 
especially if one tells a truth no one else wants to hear! 

Lupe Fiasco is another fine example of that! 

Carry on, Lupe -
don't let them shut you up! 

Sempre Por O Melhor

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