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Thursday, October 16, 2008

See Ya At WOOFSTOCK - Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!

If there's a place, an event, a moment in time in the world that you wanna be able to say "I was there man!" and that you will always fondly remember the sights, smells and shenanigans of (okay, mostly smells!) - IT IS WOOFSTOCK... dude!

Proud sponsor PURINA routinely dispatches top-notch entertainment to these events; acts that YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS! Acts such as..

Purina Pro Plan Dog Stars
Featuring McCann Professional Dog Trainers
Incredible Purina Pro Plan Dog Stars are ready to wow -- or bow wow -- at this year’s Woofstock.

Specially trained dogs (and one pig) will leap through hoops, race through tunnels, jump over hurdles and test their balance on teeter-totters. Competitors must take care not to dislodge obstacles -- knocking bars off jumps or topping hurdles results in penalty seconds being added to their finishing time. "The dogs get really enthused over the agility competition." says Marti McCann. "The course offers lots of variety, and most importantly, lots of fun. It's easy to see by the wagging tails which obstacles are the most popular."

And you wonder why I want all of you POOPERS to GO...?!?


As BOLDBONE P.P.D. himself would say:
"if there's a place where they know about the power of the poop within thee - it's gotta be at WOOFSTOCK! WARF! I mean, WOOF!"

ELITE BDCG is here...

Heck, the whole gang is here!!!


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