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Saturday, May 03, 2008

This Is L.N.N. - the Loquacious News Nitpicking!

B.C. inquest. (CBC News video)

'He would kill everything'

Chilling police video reveals victim's fears

weeks before gruesome B.C. murder-suicide.» Details

Of course - he would see an ant on the street, he'd crush it

He would catch a glance of a spider on the wall - he'd squash it

No flies survived on his path... No bugs whatsoever!

Those are all surefire signs, surely, that a

"gruesome murder-suicide" was forthcoming...

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Rasslin Renaissance! Woot - Woot

After the WCW, ECW, ICW, XCW, APW, UFW, GEW, DEW, FEW, SXW, XQW, CPW, R2W, WXW, WCCW, XTCW, MACW, FTCW, XXXW and all the others (too many to list - way too many, yeah!)

Behold the rise (and inevitable fall, surely) of the

F.T.W. ~
the Federation

of Tri-Style

The three styles promoted within this multi-talented federation are:
1- Lucha Libre
2- "ole style rasslin" and
3- jobbing!

We have got, therefore, here, in FTW, the best luchadores, the best brawlers-bruisers-buffoons AND the best jobbers/losers in the business TODAY!
Like... whooooooooooo?
I, uh, haven't got any names for you at press... ah... blogging time, really; BUT rest assured that, once you see them, they will knock your socks off AND your teeth down your throat (if you ask for your money back, that is!)

And just for the HECK of it, here's a preview of the tri-style of action you'll get to see, day in and day out, in our FED of Tri-style Wrestling!


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