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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

War of the Words, eh

When I saw this headline "have your own war of words with Mr. Kennedy" I actually thought for a split second that the lousy WWE had actually found THE GUTS to launch a contest for every foul-mouthed *pundit bandit* wannabee to challenge "Mistaaaaaaaah... Kennedy" and shut his yap once and for all, like I would! ;)

The reward for winning such a contest could have been a job at the writing helm of those awful WWE shows they have still polluting the airwaves after so many years... eh? But that is another story...

They do have things like that out there nowadays, though. Yes, there sure is very similar fluff with empty promises like that on the airwaves right now as we... blog? Ratings-grabbing "reality TV" like that show which promises membership in such silly girlie bands as "Girlicious" for one; and the WWe itself used to offer a one-year contract to work as a WRESTLER to the winner of their late and much-lamented show "Tough Enough" too! So what are they waiting for to have more "Green Light Project" types of things all across the wire - HUH?

Are the WRITERS GUILD's esteemed members actually worried that everyone will finally realize (especially as they strike) how replaceable they really are?!?

Actually, having said -typed really- all this, I am of the opinion that it is Vinnie Mac indeed the sole responsible party here as to why this GREAT idea for a contest (that I would win hands down - heck, hands tied behind my back, with an eye patch on, partially gagged and with both feet in a cement block!) is, ultimately, simply NOT a "go"...

Everybody should know by now that intestinal fortitude does not belong in the same sentence as "Kennedy... McMahon"!

After all, this is not a real Kennedy that we're talking about here!
And even though real Kennedys have their flaws, they are a million times better than Vinnie Mac and his cronie here...

JFK may have been womanizing on the side after each great speech...
His brother Bobby may have done the same thing, almost...
Ted may have inadvertently caused a lady's death way back then - and he may be sort of disloyal as evidenced so very recently (he did turn his back on once-best buddies the Clintons to support Barack Obama in California - didn't he?)
AND he inexplicably teamed up with Mitt Romney on the health insurance thingie in his beloved state of Massachusetts too...
But VKM is a thousand times more inconsistent and unreliable than that!
He has no guts - he only revels in his very meticulously controlled environment in which you always know "who's gonna win, who's gonna lose, and in what fashion" (as one of the earliest pro-wrestlers to ever "tell all" that I recall hearing "coming clean" actually worded it. Nowadays, of course, there's a whole chapter to add to that: about how EVERYONE loses without losing FACE and with all the oversized, humongeous EGOS totally INTACT after every single "decisive" match there is... But I'd be SERIOUSLY digressing if I'd get into THAT now!)
Suffice it so say, VINNIE MAC is in many ways nothing but a HACK.
And "Mistaaaaaaahh Kennedy" is despicable - in more ways than one too!
Ken Kennedy is NOT a "Mister Kennedy" - no way!
His true last name is not even Kennedy! (Look him up on MySpace - he is a tad more honest THERE, at least!)

Luminous Luciano, in the middle of that ring, WITH EQUAL MICROPHONE TIME, would take BOTH down DECISIVELY!

With a difference: with me, huge egos are always SORELY BRUISED!

Truly, it is too bad the contest is NOT to be...
EVER, assuredly!

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